Post Style Dunnage Shelving

Post Style Dunnage Shelving

Simple: Post Style Dunnage shelving is easy to set up, with no major tools required. Each shelf is height adjustable to suit with different lengths of posts. This shelving also can be constructed as standard shelving.

Heavy-duty industrial shelving: Post Style Dunnage shelves are designed to withstand heavy loads. Shelf weight capacity is up to 400kgs


SHELVES: manufactured from 25 mm x 25 mm x 1.6mm Square Tube, Stainless or Mild Steel tube.

Shelf widths/ lengths: 600mm to 1500mm (increments of 150mm)

Shelf Depths: 450mm and 600mm. 525mm shelf depth is available upon a price request. 

Standard posts heights are: 3 Tiers - 1200mm high, 4 Tiers - 1800mm high, and 5 Tiers - 2000mm high 

Posts are fitted with an adjustable stainless steel foot that allows for floor fixing and provides 65mm of adjustment.                                                                       

FINISHES: Stainless            * Zinc + Lacquer                          

NOTES Prices for a complete Post Style Dunnage Shelving would include the following:

  • 1 Dunnage shelf, 4 x 200mm high posts and 4 corner wedges (shelf length 600mm - 1350mm).
  • 1 Dunnage shelf, 5 x 200mm high posts and 5 corner wedges (shelf length 1500mm, 1650mm, & 1800mm)
  • Assembly Instructions provided inside packaging.


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