Wash wares for Glassware

Wash wares for Glassware

Our solution for glassware washing dilemma.

for_glassware_page_234_02This Glass Washing Insert racks with its washing basket offers a cost-effective alternative for securing glasses from falling and breaking whilst washing. The poly coated wire frame inserts provide a better wash efficiency and more hygienically cleaned glass-ware. In addition, the washing basket is completed with welded pocket inserts to secure all sides of glasses from breakage.   




Flute/stem glasses are accommodated in 65mm x 65mm pockets, whilst Wine glasses require pockets of 85mm x 85mm.                                                                      

  • Glass height up to 225mm tall: 150mm, 175mm, 200mm and 225mm  
  • Basket size 14"x14" and 17"x14" (Glass Washing Inserts)                
  • Glass washer size 14"x14" and 17"x14" (Glass Washing Baskets)

Prices are vary based on measurements.

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