Ice Device

Ice Device

A complete line of products for ice storage and transport needs with powerful designs.

  • Power Hinge Door: stays open until pulled down, greater durability for high use areas, no gaskets to get mouldy or require replacement.
  • Smart Gate: controls ice flow to chute area, breaks many ice bridges by manually agitating in place.
  • Scoop and shovel-free ice access: patented ice device chute focuses ice into tote or cart without spillage.
  • First Ice In, First Ice Out: ensures that ice is fresh and clean.

Why Ice Device?. It's easier, quicker, and safer.

  • Time and productivity - less time in transporting ice means more time for servicing customers and increased labour savings.
  • Worker safety - prevents back injuries which cost employers time and money
  • Food safety - allows the user to handle ice in sanitary manner, more sanitary with gravity fed bagging.
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Ice Device CID700SG
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