Ice Pro

Ice Pro

Ice ProTM - Automatic Ice Bagging & Dispensing System

An ice storage bin with automatic agitation to store and dispense cube or nugget ice into bags, carts, pails or totes.

Exceptional labour saving, sanitation and safety for food service operators with substantial storage, up to 454kg.

Labour Saving ice removal:

  • Eliminates the need to shovel or scoop ice from bin.
  • Automatic agitation cycle prevents ice from forming bridges - two agitator bars keep ice loose and free flowing.

Ice dispensed into most carts and containers:

  • Adjustable bag stand accommodates bag sizes up to 10kg.
  • Standard dispense chute compatible with carts to 750mm high.
  • Dispenses ice into smaller containers such as Totes or eskies or water coolers.

Easy to clean, easy to use:

  • Dispensing and agitating components easily removed for cleaning.
  • Removable, lockable clear window prevents unauthorised access to ice; provides for ice removal in power failures & for maintenance.
  • Maintenance access from the front and side.
  • Front assembly removes for installation through narrow doors.

Semi-Automatic bagging:

  • User friendly controls with mode selection and variable dispense time.
  • Blower puffs bags open automatically for high volume, hands free dispensing.
  • Timer dispenses ice consistently and efficiently for each application.
  • Dispense timer for consistent filling of bags.
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