An effortless barrier system with advantages

  • Low cost, low maintenance,
  • Easy to install, to clean and to repair if required,
  • Restrictions of air pollutants and cross contamination,
  • Protection of employees and goods from adverse environments such as noise, heat, cold, humidity & dust,
  • Solutions to energy savings, maintain ideal temperature,
  • Allows ease of pedestrians and traffics movement,
  • A wide range of applications: food services facilities, industrial warehouses, & manufacturing plants.



Manufactured to different sizes, available in various of types, and tailored to suit diverse purposes.

Endorsed by HACCP Australia Food Safety Accreditation Systems.

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strip_curtain_as_partitial_wall_or_door_160 refrigeration_connect_pvc_strip_curtains_160 trucks_strip_curtains_160 flexi_coolroom_and_freezer_room_doors_160 pvc_strip_curtain_in_red_colour__160

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