Medical Grade Ice and Water Dispensers 

follett_symphony_ice__water_dispensers_641_01Symphony Series Ice and Water Dispenser

Quiet, energy & water efficient operation.

Attractive, compact European design cabinets.

Chewblet compressed nugget ice.

Great tasting filtered water option.

Sanitary Sensor serve option.

Modular, single icemaker design, utilising the state of the art Maestro ice maker.

Save 30% on power & up to 100,000 litres of water per year (Compared to a similar size cube ice machine.)

Warranty: 3 year parts & labour. 5 years on compressor parts.

Click here to see a video “How to use Follett’s SensorSAFE ice and water dispensing”


follett_ice__water_dispenser__7_series_models_700      Follett 7 & 15 Series Ice & Water Dispensers

       Compact – Only 446mm tall to fit on counters and under cabinets and

       Small footprint to conserve counter space. 

       Drainless – NO DRAIN REQUIRED. Place it anywhere!.

       Sanitary – Hands-free ice dispensing minimizes cross contamination by eliminating scooping. Touch dispense eliminates direct contact with ice.

        Efficient – Lowest energy and water consumption of similar sized icemakers.

        Attractive – Stylish design complements any work space.

        Antimicrobial Agion – treatment of critical components to minimize bacteria

        and biofilm growth.

        Refreshing Consumer- preferred Chewblet Ice and optional water filtration provide quality refreshment. Click here to see Follett 7 & 15 Series Ice & Water Dispenser Features.



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